Mousismountain and st.catherine:-

Drive through the rugged Sanai Desert to the foot of Mount Sanai. Mount Sanai in sharm is steeped in history and has for the last 15 centuries been famed as a place where God spoke to Moses and provided him with the Ten Commandments. If you are thinking about following the footsteps of Moses, 7,498 foot climb takes about three hours to complete. Along the way you will see religious relics from the centuries of pilgrims who have journeyed along the same route.

As you reach the summit you will find a small chapel and a mosque. If the prospect of climbing the 3,700 steps to the summit of Mount Sania is not for you, then why not take in the splendor of Saint Catherine’s Monastery instead.

Built in the fourth century, this fortress monastery has been a pilgrimage for more than 15 centuries. Situated at the foot of Mount Sanai , the monastery houses a library of ancient manuscripts and icons that are second only to those of the Vatican.

See the basilica and the legendary “Burning Bush” from which God spoke to Moses. Learn about how St Catherine brought Christianity to the masses. A fascinating day full of history and cultur

What’s Included:-

  • Transfers to & from hotel
  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Entry Fees (st.catherine)

Per person 55 $

Cairo over day:-

You are picked up from your hotel in Sharm EL Sheikh and transported to the airport for your short flight to CAIRO.

You will meet your guide outside the arrivals terminal he will be waiting you holding an Egytravelguide Board

Your first stop will be at THE MUSEUM OF EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITIES known commonly as the Egyptian Museum or Museum Of Cairo. It is considered to be the largest museum in the whole world; it dates back to 1825 when the ruler of the time in Egypt Mohamed Ali Pasha issued a decree to establish a museum for the antiquities of Egypt. There are over 100,000 pieces held here obviously not all on show located on the ground floor and upper floor. Here you will find THE GOLDEN MASK OF TUTANKHAMUN an amazing spectacle.

How about taking a motorboat down the Nile and capture all the wonderful sights that cairo has to offer this tour is optional you are not obliged to do it  

Lunch is served, soft drinks are not included.

After lunch we take you to a PAPYRUS shop. Here we invite you to watch how this paper was made and used in ancient times for writing ,you will also have some free time to shop .

We then move to the 5000 year old necropolis in Giza. THE HOME OF THE GREAT PYRAMIDS and also THE SPHINX.This site is not only the most popular attraction in Egypt, it is one of the most loved destinations in the world,

There are three main Pyramids here which were built in the 4th dynasty. The pyramids were built as tombs for the Kings and Queens and it was a privilege to have a Pyramid Tomb. You have entry into the smaller of the Pyramids called THE QUEENS PYRAMID it is a mere 215 ft tall and it is thought that this Pyramid was altered during its construction and made a lot bigger.

THE GRAND PYRAMID OF KHUFU is by far the most famous Pyramid in Egypt, the biggest, tallest and most intact for a period of 4300 years the Pyramid was also the tallest building on earth until the French built the Eiffel Tower in 1889 to take that accolade.

Entry into The Great Pyramid is extra.500 LE for Adults  

We then move to Witness THE GREAT SPHINX. Facing directly from West to East it stands on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza.It is a limestone statue of a reclining SPHINX, a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human

After this we then take you to a perfume shop. The perfume is made from pure fragranced oils longer lasting alcohol have time to shop or browse.

After that you are then transported back to Cairo International Airport for your short flight back to Sharm EL Sheikh.

On arrival at the airport you are then transported back to your hotel

What’s Included:-

  • Transfer by air-Conditioned cars.
  • Flight tickets Sharm-Cairo-Sharm.
  • Entrance fees of the Egyptian Museum.
  • Entrance fees of the Pyramids area.
  • Egyptology tour guide during the trip.
  • Lunch.

What’s Not Included:-

  • Fees of the Mummy room inside the Egyptian museum.
  • Fees inside one of the Pyramids.
  • Soft drinks
  • All extras are optional not compulsory

Kindly note:-

Transfer from the airport of sharm el sheikh to the hotel will be 10 $ per person

Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Wishing you unforgotten moments in Egypt.



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