Situated on the boundaries among Egypt and Libya, Siwa is one of the most tranquil and mystical objections in Egypt. In the core of the desert spring lies the famous Shali Fortress. Worked between the twelfth and thirteenth century, Shali Fortress is a construction made of a combination called Kershef, which is the first nearby structure material utilized in Siwan design. Kershef is a combination of salt, mud, and different minerals from the Siwan salt lake. 


Shali was initially worked as a spot to secure the Siwi individuals against possible assaults from other Bedouin clans. At the point when it was constructed, it was 60 meters high, yet weighty downpour overwhelmed the region in 1926 and portions of it disintegrated. Regardless of being very deserted as the occupants had to move out, it's not unexpected a wellspring of interest and investigation for sightseers who visit the region because of its appeal and uniqueness.