The town of Fayoum is the greatest metropolis in the Fayoum province and the Capital of the modern-day Fayoum Governorate. Originally known as Shedet in Ancient Egypt, the Greeks known as it Crocodilopolis or Krocodilopolis, the Romans referred to as it Arsinoë and the Arabs Madinat Al Fayoum. It is one of Egypt’s oldest cities, perchance the world and it used to be the seat of worship of the crocodile god, “Sobek”.
The town placed these days at a top of 22 meters above sea stage on the banks of the Bahr Youssef canal which penetrates the Faiyum despair of its southeastern phase and is divided into eight distributary canals which furnish the Fayoum with water essential for cultivation and drinking. The whole populace of the town of Fayoum is 851,125 inhabitants (Census 2014).


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